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I was wrongfully discharged after 2 hours in ER/Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles even I have a list of symtoms from double vision, fever, high blood pressure, rectal bleeding, nauseated, dizzy plus terminal illness. I also witness this elderly man on wheel chair moaning, moving around and hit his head with his cane in the middle of ER lobby, NO ONE from CSMC came to help or comfort him.

Affordable Care or any insurance wont work if so called "celebs & elite class CMSC hospital wont admit you. Please if you read this and can help please do.

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Los Angeles, California, United States #802698

Obviously your condition wasnt an "emergency or life threatening" because your still alive and fully capable of writing this review! Do yourself a favor, stop cramming the ER's and go see your PMD with your long list of symptoms!

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #701856

I am assuming that the ER doctors couldn't find a reason to admit you. If you had all of these symptoms you should probably have went to your regular doctor before so many of the accumulated. Hospitals don't admit people for no reason.

As for the elderly man, how did he hit himself on the head with his cane. If he had a cane, why was he in a wheel chair? No matter what, the fact that he hit himself on the head with his own cane, wasn't the hospital's fault.

Most of the time, if a person goes to the ER in an ambulance they are going to receive treatment more rapidly. If a person is well enough to drive themselves, use public transportation, or have a friend or relative drive them it isn't a true emergency.

to anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #760058

If you are in the emergency room, regardless how you got there. That individual should be treated.

To that person it's an emergency. It's a sad thing when patients are belittled, ignored, ridiculed and sometimes the gossiping between nurses is pathetic, but what can you do when it's a charge nurse and her partner in crime the doctor and a student nurse is watching how our system fails at putting patient care first. I have witnessed this several times and reporting it does nothing because the ones in charge are the ones guilty of it firsthand. I'm referring to cedars Sinai, Los Angeles.

One nurse ruins it for everyone. Really sad and disappointing.

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